Funk Fusion Jam

SoleMark is a 5‐piece funk-jazz-fusion band hailing from steamy South Florida. Performing live, SoleMark delivers a musically kinetic performance, incorporating originals and fresh looks at the some of the funkiest B-sides that have influenced our collective musical brain. 

What is a SoleMark, you ask?
The name is derived from the natural phenomenon known as “sole markings." Geologically, sole markings are unique formations created by the interaction of different sediment layers and the deep lasting grooves they create. Ahhh, yes… it all makes sense now…right?! 

A "SoleMark" is the perfect metaphor for the way we mix styles, genres, and influences (Preston, Parker, Hancock, Scofield, Doctor John, the Roots, Zappa, Snarky Puppy, and Galactic to name just a few) together to create a truly unique sound that draws a broad audience of jazz-fusion and jam band lovers alike. 

Debut album "SoleMark" available now everywhere.

SoleMark 2017